How To Prepare Your Pet For A Stay At A Dog Board And Train Facility

13 March 2023
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Boarding and training can be stressful for both dogs and their owners. But, with proper preparation, you can ensure that your furry friend has a smooth transition and a comfortable stay. Here are four ways to prepare for a stay at a dog board and train facility. Start with Basic Training Before sending your dog to a boarding and training facility, make sure they have a solid foundation of basic obedience training. Read More 

2 Fun & Unique Tricks Your Dog Can Learn At A Training Program

20 January 2023
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Dogs can learn amazing skills, and many pet owners choose to enroll their pups in a training program to learn some unique and fun tricks. Here are two fun and unique tricks your pup can learn when attending a training program. Spinning Around in a Circle  Among the most entertaining tricks your dog can learn at a training program is to spin around in a circle. Your instructor can begin by teaching your pup basic commands such as " Read More 

Dog Needs Training? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Online Dog Training

30 September 2021
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If you have a dog that needs to be trained, you have many options, ranging from going to a trainer to doing it online. Online dog training can offer you many options and is especially a good choice right now because of COVID. To help you decide if you would like this type of training, keep reading for three benefits of doing this. No Distractions Because your dog will be at home with you and not around other people, dogs, etc. Read More 

Summer Car Trips Will Be Easier After You Hire A Dog Trainer

4 February 2020
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Some dogs display exemplary behavior in the car, even over the course of a long trip. This isn't the case with every canine, however, and you may face a variety of challenges with how your dog behaves. If you and your family have some summer car trips planned and you want to take your dog, you need it to be comfortable in this environment. Otherwise, the dog's behavior may be disruptive to everyone else in the vehicle. Read More 

Help Your New Puppy Learn Not To Jump Up On People

18 December 2019
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Your puppy may be cute and small, and you might adore how excited they get when they see you. However, if you don't work on teaching your dog that jumping up is not acceptable, your puppy will get bigger, and the jumping will no longer be cute. It can frighten visitors and be dangerous for children.  You can train your dog not to jump up as long as you are consistent. Read More