Safely Remove Tree Sap From Your Dog's Fur

22 March 2015
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If your dog has a habit of rolling under trees when you are out together on walks or during training sessions, then you need a safe and simple way to remove tree sap from your dog's fur. The good news is that you can safely remove even the worst tree sap mess without having to cut your dog's fur.

Follow these simple steps to remove tree sap from your dog's coat:

Step 1: Comb the Affected Area

Using a dog grooming comb, move it through the dog's coat where the sap is located. Place the comb under the sap and move it quickly in an outward motion. This will dislodge some of the sap and keep it from becoming more matted into the fur.

If you do not have a dog grooming comb, then you can use your fingers or a human comb that has wide teeth.

Step 2: Dissolve the Tree Sap

While it may seem odd, many different types of oils dissolve tree sap. There is a chemical reaction that happens between the sap and the oil. The reaction removes the sticky nature of sap.

You can use any of the following oils to remove the tree sap:

  • baby oil
  • butter
  • coconut oil
  • mineral oil
  • olive oil

The one household oil that does not work well for this application is vegetable oil. The oil is not thick enough to be able to dissolve the sap well.

However, you can use mayonnaise, peanut butter or peanut oil to remove the sap. Each of these three options also work very well and are safe for your dog to consume.

Step 3: Use Heat on Large Areas

For any large or stubborn areas of sap, you can use your hair dryer to heat the sap. Heating the sap will make it melt and be easier to chemically change with one of the oils listed above. 

Once the heat has melted the sap, then you should apply an oil and let it dissolve the sap.

Step 4: Bathe Your Dog

Once all of the sap has been removed from your dog's coat, then it is time to bathe them in a canine shampoo. This will remove all of the oils from their coat and leave them smelling fresh.

Final Thoughts

By following these simple steps, you can safely remove even the worst sticky tree sap messes from your dog's fur. If you need additional help with grooming your dog, then you should contact a local pet grooming business like South Tampa Puppy Palace.