Help Your New Puppy Learn Not To Jump Up On People

18 December 2019
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Your puppy may be cute and small, and you might adore how excited they get when they see you. However, if you don't work on teaching your dog that jumping up is not acceptable, your puppy will get bigger, and the jumping will no longer be cute. It can frighten visitors and be dangerous for children. 

You can train your dog not to jump up as long as you are consistent. Here are some techniques to use. 

1. Don't reward jumping. 

The biggest mistake you can make is to give your dog praise or rewards when they jump. Then, they not only jump for excitement, but they also jump because they want to please you. People often reward jumping without realizing they are doing it. For example, your dog might jump up and put their front paws on your legs, and you bend down to pet them and say hello. 

Giving your cute pup a scratch behind the ears when they jump up is a reward. Instead of rewarding, show your dog you don't like this behavior. Wait for them to be calm before you pet them. If they sit or stand patiently, immediately give plenty of attention. If they jump, move away or even turn away to show that jumping will not get them what they want, which is your attention. 

If your dog is still to excited around guests, you can remove them from the guests, showing that you won't allow interaction until your dog can be calm. 

2. Give treats for good behavior.

Conversely, you can give treats for the behavior you are hoping for. A scratch behind the ears is a good reward sometimes, but you can also up the ante with food treats as well. Over time, your dog might meet you at the door, with the expectation of plenty of love, but their tail will not leave the floor, because they know what will work best for getting rewards. 

3. Teach your dog other commands to help them be calm.

You can help your dog know what you expect by giving them help. You need to make sure your dog knows and follows baseline commands. For example, "sit" is one of the most common commands, but with it, you can communicate to your dog what you expect when they greet you. Not jumping, but sitting. You can follow up this command with another simple word command, such as calm, quiet, or down. 

For more ideas on how to teach your dog good behavior, contact dog training companies like David's Dog Training. They can give you more guidance if you are unable to make progress on your own.