Summer Car Trips Will Be Easier After You Hire A Dog Trainer

4 February 2020
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Some dogs display exemplary behavior in the car, even over the course of a long trip. This isn't the case with every canine, however, and you may face a variety of challenges with how your dog behaves. If you and your family have some summer car trips planned and you want to take your dog, you need it to be comfortable in this environment. Otherwise, the dog's behavior may be disruptive to everyone else in the vehicle. Think about hiring a dog obedience trainer to improve your animal's behavior in the car. Here are some specific areas on which the trainer can work.


If your dog is anxious while traveling in your car, one behavior that it may routinely do is to pace. For example, if you have the dog in the backseat, it may walk back and forth, from window to window, for much of the car ride. In a minivan, the dog may walk between the seats and up to the front where you're driving. This behavior is distracting to the driver, and if you have your children in the backseat, it can be disruptive to them, too. Your obedience trainer will work with your pet to have it learn how to settle down and lie on the seat or floor.


Another behavior that many dogs can do when they're not comfortable in a car is to scratch. For example, your dog might scratch at the door or window, perhaps in an effort to show you that it wants to get out of the vehicle. This anxious behavior is problematic for numerous reasons, including the fact that it may leave scratch marks on your vehicle. Additionally, if you find yourself attempting to correct the behavior as you drive, your risk of an accident becomes higher.


Some dogs are vocal about their discomfort while riding in a vehicle and may moan, whine, or even bark at times. Of course, if you're planning to take a family car trip, the last thing that anyone wants is to hear your dog behaving in this manner. While it might be tempting to find a boarding service for your pet, you may really want to take it on your vacation with you. Some time with a training professional can help to transform how your dog behaves in the car, which will help to make the experience more pleasant for everyone in your family.

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