2 Fun & Unique Tricks Your Dog Can Learn At A Training Program

20 January 2023
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Dogs can learn amazing skills, and many pet owners choose to enroll their pups in a training program to learn some unique and fun tricks. Here are two fun and unique tricks your pup can learn when attending a training program.

Spinning Around in a Circle 

Among the most entertaining tricks your dog can learn at a training program is to spin around in a circle.

Your instructor can begin by teaching your pup basic commands such as "sit" or "down". After your pup has mastered these basics, your instructor can introduce the spinning command by using physical cues like pointing in a circular motion with a finger or hand.

As your pup begins to understand the motion and command, your instructor can introduce verbal reinforcement such as "spin"! They can use treats, and other positive reinforcements like playtime or belly rub to reward your dog for successful spins.

Before long, your pup will be able to complete full rotations quickly and with ease. With practice, your pup will soon be spinning away and entertaining everyone around them!

Hide and Seek

Another fun and unique trick your pup can learn at a training program is hide and seek.

This game involves hiding treats or toys around the room for your pup to find. Your pup will begin by being taught the "stay" command and encouraged to remain in one spot while you hide items around the room.

Once you've finished hiding, your pup can be given the "seek" command to begin their search. Your pup will be rewarded with treats or toys when they successfully locate items in the room.

As your pup becomes more proficient at this game, you can increase the difficulty by adding multiple hiding spots and increasing the duration of each round. Not only is it entertaining to watch your dog perform this skill, but it also encourages their problem-solving skills while reinforcing good behavior.

You could even take this game outdoors and challenge your pup to find items hidden in a larger area. This way, your pup can show off their newly acquired skills to friends and family!

These tricks are just a few of many that your pup can learn when attending a training program. With consistency and patience from you and your instructor, your furry friend can soon become an expert trickster! So go ahead and enroll them so you can start having fun with your furry friend.

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