5 Common Dog Training Mistakes

9 May 2023
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No matter what kind of dog you get, it is a wise decision to train it properly. Dog training can drastically improve your furry family member's behavior and even strengthen your bond with it. However, if you have never trained a dog before, you can make various mistakes.

Here are a few common dog training mistakes to avoid. 

Delaying Training

Some people wait too long to start training their dogs. It is best to start training your furry family member as soon as possible. In general, younger dogs are easier to train because they may not have developed many bad habits yet. Start with simple things, like training your dog to go to the bathroom outside or commanding your dog to sit.

Being Consistent

If you want to train your dog properly, you must be consistent. If you are inconsistent, it can be confusing for your dog. For instance, you might not want your dog to get on the furniture. However, if you make occasional exceptions and allow your dog on the couch, it may not understand what you want.

Using Harsh Punishment

When your dog misbehaves, you might assume that harsh punishment, like yelling or spanking, is the answer. However, it can backfire. Your dog may become scared of you or even aggressive. It is better to give your dog positive reinforcement, like treats.

Being Impatient

While it would be nice if your dog caught on to everything right away, it may not be realistic. Some dogs may take longer than others to train. If your dog does not get it as soon as you had hoped, do not get discouraged. Continue to work with your dog and practice patience. Your dog will learn at its own pace.

Repeating Yourself

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make during dog training. For example, if you tell your dog to "sit" and it doesn't, you may try to repeat the phrase several times. This is not a good idea. By doing this, you are telling your dog that it does not have to respond immediately. 

If your dog did not respond to your command the first time, you should try to get its attention before you repeat the command.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you can train your dog properly. If you need extra help, you may want to think about putting your dog in professional dog training classes.